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The Diary of Moony
AKA Remus Lupin
I think I lost this somewhere under my small supply of chocolate. But then James and Sirius basically ate all of it and I suppose I should feel fortunate that they didn't eat my journal as well. That might have given one of them a bit of a problem with their stomachs.

My poor friends get teased so much. Classes are going well, though NEWTs are living up to their name of being Nastily Exhausting. I do hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day though.

[Private to Elle]
I think I owe you a romantic date since I missed Valentine's Day and Hogsmeade thanks to the full moon.

Current Mood: crushed crushed

5 Howl at the Moon
I'll be sleeping in the Magic room on the seventh floor... Across from the tapestry?

But if James asks, I'm out on the Quidditch Pitch or outside at least.

Current Mood: cranky cranky

2 Howl at the Moon
For one night and one night only, the Marauders are auctioning off
As a date to the Winter Ball!!!

Bids start at 5 sickles.

Current Mood: amused amused

35 Howl at the Moon
[Private to Elle]
Apparently... Lily has a crush on Severus Snape. This is all coming from Sirius and James believes it... a bit. But the only foundation for this is that she'll defend Snape against James, but never James against Snape.

I swear, my dorm gossips more than girls supposingly do.

And there's also a Hogsmeade weekend coming up.[/Private]

My journal got lost somewhere between my books when I was cleaning things up one day. It was rather annoying and I couldn't find it. But now it is found and very few of you probably really care.

Current Mood: awake awake

32 Howl at the Moon
Things have been going… Quite well lately. Other than the new Transfiguration project from McGonagall. That’s going to take a good bit of work that I really didn’t want to spend doing homework. Though I did go and put homework above a number of other things when James asked for my list of top five things. Actually I think studying was on there, but homework wasn’t.

Spending time with Elle

Sorry, Elle… Though feel comfort that I couldn’t decide on an order for my 5 favorite people really. It was a toss up between you and James.

[Private to WPP]
So what exactly should we plan for our trip this full moon? Though hopefully this won’t involve anything near people. No one’s fault there though.

Do you ever think we’re just far too carried away with our own cleverness?

Oh, and we also need to discuss the twelve days before Christmas.
12- Squeeling pigs
9-Floors of Dungbombs
5-Golden Snitchs
3-French Hens (I still say we could do better)
2-Rogue Bludgers
1-A Blizzard in the Great Hall

And then we will get all of the suits of armour to sing it… Maybe not all the time, but just break out at random times. But we do all 12 the first day and then in the 11th it will all be the same minus the pigs and then the 10th everything but 11th and 12th so on.

And then DENY DENY DENY that we had anything to do with it because we’re perfect angels of course.


((I‘m also leaving Sunday and will be gone until the 25th or so. I might be around and on AIM for short periods, but nothing in the way of posting for the week.))

Current Mood: busy busy

10 Howl at the Moon

I've been hearing from James that you haven't been eatting. I would like to suggest you do so for the following reasons.

1) If you collapse in class, James will be carrying you all the way to the hospital wing.
2) If you end up in the hospital wing, that leaves James in charge of EVERYTHING...
3) If anything happens to you, I will be very sad and disappointed... And insane from having to take orders from James.


Current Mood: worried worried

6 Howl at the Moon
Is it just me or is Flitwick out to kill me? Well maybe not seriously, but still... I'm at an absolute writer's block of sorts on this essay for Charms.

[Private to Elle]
Are you busy Saturday night?

[Completely Private with the best Charms that Remus knows]
I'm going to do this...

Unless Sirius or Peter suddenly tell me that there's no chance.

Current Mood: okay okay

9 Howl at the Moon
I have a very nice sized favor to ask of you, and if I don't get a response, I'm going to assume that you are fine with it...

Please let me tell Elle everything. None of it will go to Lily or Alice or anyone else. Just Elle because it's hard to have one part of the story without the rest.

And might I add now that it is actually gratifying to take away 10 points from Slytherin today. All from Bellatrix too...

Current Mood: drained drained

If you hear a lump over in my bed moaning a bit, don't mind it unless I'm keeping you up, in which case I would prefer that you not throw anything at me. Pillows are acceptable however, but I respond better to just being asked to calm down and try to sleep. So basically just the usual. If Elle anyone asks for me tomorrow, I'm... Sleeping...

You're the creative ones, think of something.

Current Mood: sick sick

1 Howls at the Moon
Not much to actually report. Classes are fine, homework is fine and prefect duties are fine.

I've been noticing this game around though, but then I have a different one in mind. Perhaps not as good, but it might be interesting.

Ask me four questions and I will answer honestly as long as I like the questions. You can make it anonymous if you would like as well.

Current Mood: grumpy grumpy

11 Howl at the Moon